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  • Macedonian Political Science Forum eProceedings; 2015, Issue 5, p26-39, 14p
  • After the end of the World War I, the Entente forces, in their capacity as victors, made the division of territories in the Balkans. In this sense, the French domination was largely reduced vis-à-visGreat Britain's domination, which took over the role as the victorious country in the Balkans and elsewhere.Acting as a colonial power in decline, at the Paris Peace Conferencethe French foreign policy will draw the main contours of the new state entities of the Balkan Peninsula, with the exception of Greece, which will be protected by the Englishstrategicinterest. The Versailles system, which has defined the borders in Europe since the 1941, will order the Sevres Treaty from August 10, 1920 in regards to the OttomanEmpire. This agreement proposed affixation of Eastern Thrace and the Smyrna area to Greece, which was followed by the revolutionary reaction led by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The Greek - Turkish warerupts in March 1921, under the leadership of Ataturk, requesting retrieval of full independence of the state and the protection of the national interests of the Turkish people of their own national territory. Military actions were terminated with the signing of the Lausanne Treaty on July 24, 1923. As a result of the war, the Republic of Turkeyproclaimed independence on October 29, 1923, an event that officially marked the abolishment of the Empire and the Caliphate. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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