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  • Academic Journal
  • Tomsk State University Journal of Philosophy, Sociology & Political Science; 2021, Issue 64, p224-236, 13p
  • The research issue of this article is the development of the image of the future world order from the perspective of the main players on the world stage - Russia, the USA, China - and a clarification of how they see the development of international life at the present stage. The hypothesis of the proposed article is that modern Russia (in theory and in practice) is more in the zone of political economy and economic policy than in the field of economic diplomacy. There is a predominance of the power and negative sanctions regime as a manifestation of protectionism in geopolitics and the world economy. In the crisis Russian-American interaction, US sanctions against Russia, whose economic development is on a growth trajectory until 2029, are still and long expected. Russia and China will continue to demonstrate stable economic partnership and friendly relations. Economic diplomacy could well be an alternative to liberal capitalism in the near term, and its peacefulness and ethics a categorical imperative in interstate relations, in which the economy moves forward, outstrips politics and ensures the country's internal development. The US would still like to remain the first among the world's powers and lead the whole world, including Russia and China. However, the country is hampered by serious internal problems and a decline in the authority of the global leader. The transformation of the system of international relations is constrained purposefully for various reasons. Having the experience of uniting countries and peoples around it, Russia takes a clearly waiting position. China is aimed at longterm domestic economic development in order to become a superpower by 2050. The decisive factor in creating a new world order, possibly first in the space of Greater Eurasia, will be the position of Russia. According to the author's research, 2023 is the upper cyclical limit of the outgoing ("iron" and militant) age of civilization and the continuing of a gradual change in the world political elite. This involves the end of military conflicts and the formation of a new political map on Earth. The peaceful transition to another system of international relations with entry into the era of creation is very relevant for all countries of the world. Economic diplomacy is considered as a real potential, as an effective tool of international organizations and foreign policy of the countries of the world, in terms of making constructive foreign policy decisions, implementing a reasonable personnel policy and timely rotation of political elites, as well as the further development of foreign economic activity and cooperation between states in the 21st century. The mission of Russia, China and the United States is to fulfill the stabilizing functions of the world order and to create, together, in a timely manner, the most acceptable system of international relations. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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