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국내 전자금융의 환경 변화와 그 과제 -전자금융의 변화 전망과 시사점을 중심으로-.

  • Academic Journal
  • 김대현1
  • Journal of Digital Convergence. 2021, Vol. 19 Issue 5, p229-239. 11p.
  • For this study, we have extensively analyzed the presentation data of the government's financial-related departments and the data of each financial institution and electronic financial institution.. As a result, In Korea's electronic financial environment, real changes such as first) expansion of non-face-to-face finance, second) teleworking in the financial sector, third) abolition of accredited certification, fourth) advanced voice phishing, fifth) openness of the financial industry and diversification of forms, sixth) the'walletless society'. In addition to the above, however, global changes triggered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution spread to the financial security sector, making it difficult to respond to problems such as artificial intelligence/ deep learning/ user analysis/ deepfake technology. As the proportion of electronic finance is increasing socially, it should be studied in the fields of electronic finance and its environment, and crime and criminal investigation. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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Changes in the environment of electronic finance and its challenges -Focusing on the prospects and implications of changes in electronic finance-.
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