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기업의 상장과정과 이익조정과의 관계분석 - 중국의 SSE상장 중소기업을 중심으로. (Korean)

  • Academic Journal
  • Journal of Digital Convergence; 2020, Vol. 18 Issue 12, p243-249, 7p
  • This study analyzes the earnings management that can occur in the process of public offering in the process of SMEs reducing cost of capital, risks and seeking opportunities for direct financing. Since a company is subject to strict supervision during the IPO process, it is possible to prevent the phenomenon that the company value evaluated in the market is underestimated, or to perform earnings management in consideration of overestimation. This study attempted to verify the degree of earnings management through discretionary accruals and actual earnings management values that can affect the earnings ratio of the IPO of a company. For this study, total accruals were calculated and analyzed through discretionary accruals, sales, costs, and actual earnings management adjustments from production activities. As a result of the analysis, discretionary accruals, which are the countermeasures for earnings management during the listing process, have a positive(+) relationship in both the stock price return and the sales adjustment value, which can be viewed as a factor that induces high valuation. As a result of this, there may be a risk of adverse selection for the benefit amount, and information asymmetry may exist for public offering stocks. This study can provide useful guidelines for evaluating corporate value to domestic SMEs and investors that do business with Chinese companies as well as China through the current and type of earnings management of Chinese listed companies. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
Additional Information
Analysis of the Relationship between the Initial Public Offering Process and Earnings Management - Focusing on SSE-listed SMEs of China. (English)
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