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한국 스포츠 협동조합의 활성화 방안.

  • Academic Journal
  • 김정동1
  • Journal of Digital Convergence. Oct2019, Vol. 17 Issue 10, p469-478. 10p.
  • This study tried to analyse the factors to promote sport cooperatives as the solutions to overcome those problems of present sports industry. The results of this study By Using the priorities of AHP on promoting factors of sport cooperative in Korea, could be suggested as follows. In advance, the basic directions were suggested in order of economical, social, cultural, and institutional factors. And next, the promoting strategies were suggested as follows: 1st, setting directions on the essentials of cooperative. 2nd, securement of the finance by business management development and organization ability improvement. 3rd, acquaintance with the basic laws of cooperative and securement of administrative support. 4th, social contribution through cooperation and interaction among cooperatives. 5th, making local communities through constructing networks among cooperatives. 6th, development of business models with membership systematizing and efficiency pursuit. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
Additional Information
Alternatives to Promote the Sport Cooperatives of Korea.
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