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A Divergent View of the Impact of Digital Transformation on Academic Organizational and Spending Efficiency: A Review and Analytical Study on a University E-Service

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MDPI AG, 2021.
With the aim of achieving a global ranking and academic distinction, a large number of universities have decided to focus on competition and greater academic quality on a global scale. During the course of such a journey, universities have to face numerous challenges, including the enhancement of organizational efficiency. In the context of organizational efficiency, the most significant pillar supporting this drive is recognized as being digital transformation. It is widely accepted that digital transformation allows electronic systems to be used in the process of teaching and learning. These electronic systems (e-services) enhance universities’ operational efficiency. Keeping this in mind, this research paper aims to analyze the impact of digital transformation on the organizational and spending efficiency of universities, with a special focus on one particular e-service provided by the Saudi University. For this, the study examines the effort made by the government to spread the culture of rationalization and improve the efficiency of spending through a case study involving a statistical analysis of real data from an electronic system. The results of the study state that an increase in the number of subject withdrawals will weaken the spending and organizational efficiency of the University.
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