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A major boost to the website performance of up-scale hotels in Vietnam

Additional Information
Sciendo, 2019.
The study aims to enhance the customer experience on hotel websites in the context of venue’s booking channels to others. The online filed survey is conducted with 321 internet bookers. The exploratory factor analysis is adopted to analyze the data. The progression of customer satisfaction proceeds in a linear fashion on luxury (ranking from 4-star to 5-star hotels) websites. Moreover, the study reveals how hotel website performance would affect the levels of customer attitude and its sustainable development in the context of perceived e-service quality. The exploratory results show that customer satisfaction in online environment has identical processes in the context of up-scale hotel industry. The female group compared to male group, has more sensitive to perceive the impact of functionality of lodging website in developing customer satisfaction. Caution is advised in generalizing findings of this study due to stratified sampling even though the study confirms results of previously conducted studies. This study provides practical tips for website sustainable progress especially for hotel management to pay more attention to the e-service formation process. Therefore, the appropriate marketing strategy can be established to fill gender specific expectations towards individual degree of customer satisfaction.
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