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A silent epidemic: community nursing and effective pain management.

  • Academic Journal
  • Ogston-Tuck S; King's College, London, UK.
  • British journal of community nursing [Br J Community Nurs] 2012 Nov; Vol. 17 (11), pp. 512, 514, 516-8.
  • English
  • Effective pain management presents challenges to health care practitioners, particularly in the community setting. This is evident from the complexities associated with the phenomenon of pain and the circumstances for those patients suffering from pain. An overwhelming amount of literature and research surrounding pain exists in an effort to improve our understanding of pain, assessment and management strategies. But patients in pain are not managed well in the community or acute setting. Health care professionals continue to underestimate and under treat pain, failing to meet the patient's individual needs. Pain management it is not about cure, nor is it as simple as reporting zero on a pain score- it is about knowledge, expertise and understanding. Pain is a subjective and very personal experience, wherein health care professionals must listen to the patients' story. Myths and fears surrounding pain remains a barrier to effective management and care. This article aims to dispel the myths and improve clinical practice, particularly in effective pain assessment so patients in the community presenting with pain can be managed individually and effectively. Nurses need to be proactive in their approach, through effective communication and decision making, trusting in our patients' and their pain experience. This is key to a successful approach to managing patients' pain effectively.
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