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A white-knuckle ride of open COVID drug discovery.

Additional Information
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group Country of Publication: England NLM ID: 0410462 Publication Model: Print Cited Medium: Internet ISSN: 1476-4687 (Electronic) Linking ISSN: 00280836 NLM ISO Abbreviation: Nature Subsets: MEDLINE
Publication: Basingstoke : Nature Publishing Group
Original Publication: London, Macmillan Journals ltd.
Douangamath, A. et al. Nature Commun. 11, 5047 (2020). (PMID: 3302881010.1038/s41467-020-18709-w)
Mahase, E. Br. Med. J. 373, n1077 (2021). (PMID: 10.1136/bmj.n1077)
The COVID Moonshot Consortium et al. Preprint at bioRxiv (2020).
Chodera, J., Lee, A. A., London, N. & von Delft, F. Nature Chem. 12, 581 (2020). (PMID: 3255537910.1038/s41557-020-0496-2)
Keywords: Drug discovery*; Medical research*; Research management*; SARS-CoV-2*
0 (Antiviral Agents)
EC 3.4.22.- (3C-like proteinase, SARS-CoV-2)
EC (Coronavirus 3C Proteases)
Date Created: 20210615 Date Completed: 20210617 Latest Revision: 20211129

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