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Aliran Perkembangan dan Perubahan Corak Keganasan. (Malay)

  • Academic Journal
  • Akademika; 2022, Vol. 92 Issue 1, p87-100, 14p
  • Terrorism is an international issue and not necessarily be a domestic problem. This can be witnessed through the recent terrorist attacks at anywhere and anytime with various new methods or strategies following the accelerated advancement of science and technology. How can the world cope with this increasingly sophisticated and challenging terrorist attacks? One of the way by look in to its origins and development to this day. For this purposes, this study proposes five key elements in defining terrorism. The pattern of terrorism divided into two which are government by intimidation and intimidation of government. Five elements of terrorism are used to analyze the modes operandi of terrorism to identify changes in the pattern of terrorism over time as well as the variations between Old and New Terrorism. This study is a legal study that adopts qualitative methods. Thus, library research is used principally to collect data and information for this research. The study found that the pattern of violence changed over time but was repetitive. Meanwhile, the five elements of terrorism are the same all the time but their essence varies by the development of science and technology. This finding is important to enable a country as well as an international organization to update its existing policies and measures according to the current pattern of violence. Further studies are needed in this area to identify appropriate and more effective policies and measures in countering terrorism at domestic and international level in line with the globalization. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
Additional Information
The Flow of Development and Changin Patterns of Terrorism. (English)
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