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Beyond the garden: The complexity of "global and individual living" at the heart of the international commitment towards a healthy, more resilient and fairer society.

  • Academic Journal
  • Dimasi, Luca1
  • International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine. 2022, Vol. 33 Issue 2, p111-116. 6p.
  • BACKGROUND: The right to fully enjoy the highest possible state of health is certainly nothing new in the agenda of the world's governments, and yet today it becomes a top priority not just in the restructuring of the health care system, but also in the promotion of multi-sector policies aimed at fostering and safeguarding the potential of every individual to achieve what could be defined, in general terms, as "common good". OBJECTIVE: The current paper aimed at singling out the most useful strategies to promoting and achieving a healthy, more resilient and fairer society. METHODS: : Starting from principles 1 and 14 of the Declaration of Rome, the aim was to analyse and develop the concepts of resilience and health, questioning their possible future variations against the background of the current health emergency and the increasingly radical widespread use of new technologies as universally-applied and cross-sectional tools for human progress. RESULTS: The "health for all" objective can only be achieved if we act on three key aspects: 1. Adding life to years; 2. Adding life to life; 3. Adding years to life. CONCLUSIONS: Each individual should raise their health awareness as a key resource to leading a fulfilling existence and to developing the required qualities to fully tap into health possibilities – whether integral or residual – to tackle life. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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