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Bioethics for clinicians: 25. Teaching bioethics in the clinical setting.

  • Academic Journal
  • McKneally MF; University of Toronto.
    Singer PA
  • CMAJ : Canadian Medical Association journal = journal de l'Association medicale canadienne [CMAJ] 2001 Apr 17; Vol. 164 (8), pp. 1163-7.
  • English
  • Bioethics is now taught in every Canadian medical school. Canada needs a cadre of teachers who can help clinicians learn bioethics. Our purpose is to encourage clinician teachers to accept this important responsibility and to provide practical advice about teaching bioethics to clinicians as an integral part of good clinical medicine. We use 5 questions to focus the discussion: Why should I teach? What should I teach? How should I teach? How should I evaluate? How should I learn?
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Publication: Ottawa : Canadian Medical Association
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Indexing Agency: KIE Local ID #: 101921.
Keywords: Bioethics and Professional Ethics
Note: McKneally, Martin F; Singer, Peter A Note: KIE Bib: bioethics/education
Date Created: 20010508 Date Completed: 20010521 Latest Revision: 20191210