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Breaking the silence of child sexual abuse in the Caribbean: a community-based action research intervention model.

  • Academic Journal
  • Reid SD; a The University of the West Indies , St. Augustine , Trinidad and Tobago.
    Reddock R
    Nickenig T
  • Journal of child sexual abuse [J Child Sex Abus] 2014; Vol. 23 (3), pp. 256-77.
  • English
  • In Trinidad and Tobago, little data exists on child sexual abuse, although there are many anecdotal reports of high prevalence. The Breaking the Silence Gender and Community Empowerment Model is a multidisciplinary intervention to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse in Trinidad and Tobago. It is an innovative, gender-sensitive intervention that uses a community based action research methodology anchored in a national framework. Preliminary evaluation of the Breaking the Silence model shows increased knowledge of child sexual abuse, increased willingness to discuss child sexual abuse, and an impact that goes beyond the target communities. This model can be replicated in communities to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse and adapted to address other sensitive social issues in the Caribbean.
Additional Information
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Country of Publication: United States NLM ID: 9301157 Publication Model: Print Cited Medium: Internet ISSN: 1547-0679 (Electronic) Linking ISSN: 10538712 NLM ISO Abbreviation: J Child Sex Abus Subsets: MEDLINE
Publication: Philadelphia : Taylor & Francis
Original Publication: London : Informa Healthcare
Keywords: Caribbean; action research; child sexual abuse; incest; intervention
Date Created: 20140422 Date Completed: 20141214 Latest Revision: 20161125