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Classified and annotated bibliography/Bibliographic classifiée et annoteacute;e.

  • Academic Journal
  • Current Sociology; 1958, Vol. 7 Issue 1, p42-96, 55p
  • The article presents a bibliography of books, published in the March 1982 issue of the journal "Current Sociology." Some of the books included in the list are, "The Family: Its Function and Destiny," edited by Ruth Nanda Anshen; "Modern Society and Japanese Family System," by M. Aotama "The History of Marriage in Japan," by Kizaemon Ariga; "Family Problems of the Immediate Future," by James H.S. Bossard; "The Stability of Marriage," by A.J. Brayshaw; "Familie und Familienbewegung" by G. Fischer; "The Family in a Changing Society," by E.W. Burgess; "Die Gegenwartsfamilie" by O. Cehak; "La Famiglia cristiana," by A. Brucculeri; "Marriage and Society," by O.E. James; "Marriage in the Farming Village in the Edo Period," by Keiichiro Kobayashi; "The Extended Family System," by Seiichi Kitano; "Kinship Organization in a Village Developed by Merchants in the Feudal Period" by Seiichi Kitano; "Het gezin sedert Middeleeuwen," by J.P. Kruijt; "De wijziging in de gezinsstructuur" by J. Ponstone; "Trends in Marriage and Divorce Law of Western Countries," by Max Rheinstein.
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