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College mathematics for everyday life : a college level liberal arts mathematics text

Additional Information
Jameson, Jennifer, author
Kozak, Kathryn, author
Lanzetta, Maya, author
Sonier, Kim, author
BC Open Textbook Project, distributor
Flagstaff, AZ: Victoria: Publisher not identifiedBCcampus, BC Open Textbook Project, 2019. 2nd edition.
1 online resource (393 pages) : colour illustrations
"This text was written for a college-level liberal arts math class. It addresses math concepts that most people will encourter as part of their everyday life, including statistics, probablility, growth, finance, graph theory, voting systems, fair division, apportionment, and geometric symmetry and the golden ratio. Each chapter includes a set of homework questions for practice"--BCcampus website.
OCoLC: 1119738542
"Sponsored by: Coconino Community College".