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Community Resilience to Climate Change : Theory, Research and Practice

Additional Information
Hellman, Dana E., author
Shandas, Vivek, author
Minneapolis, MN : Open Textbook Library,.
Place of publication not identified : Portland State University Library, 2020.
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Open textbook library.
This reader is an Open Educational Resource, meant to accompany a graduate or higher-level undergraduate university course in climate change resilience, adaptation, and/or planning. While the material is geared toward students in urban and regional planning, it may also be of interest to students of urban studies, public health, geography, political science, sociology, risk management, and others. Each section of this volume includes (1) an introductory summary, (2) a reading list with full text articles, (3) student exercises meant to enhance understanding and facilitate in-class discussion, and (4) additional discussion prompts or activities for instructors to use in class. The format of materials is intended to convey key concepts, while leaving ample space for student exploration, discourse, and creativity. Lessons may culminate in an applied, imaginative final project, a sample framework of which is provided at the end of Section VI.
Section I: Introduction & Key Concepts -- Section II: Resilience in Theory -- Section III: Identifying & Evaluating Resilience -- Section IV: Resilience in Practice -- Section V: Future Directions -- Section VI: Conclusions
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