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Developing technology acceptance model for e-service purposes

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Growing Science, 2020.
Nowadays, universities are investing resources in optimizing e-services to enhance delivery of services to their employees. Most of them provide their services electronically to improve the performance of their organizations. These services are categorized into two classes: academic and nonacademic. This paper focuses on nonacademic class, which is important to measure what factors influence on the e-services. This manuscript aims to develop an acceptance technology model to figure out what the factors motivate nonacademic staff at the universities continuously use the e-services. The proposed model is based on technology acceptance model (TAM) and its extension. It consists of multiple constructs that reflect the opinions of nonacademic staff in e-services. The model was implemented by using questionnaire, 308 employ-ees responded from Prince Sattam Bin Abdalaziz University to this questionnaire by giving their opinions. The feedback was analyzed deeply. The results indicate that technology fit was positively related to user’s perceived satisfaction by using E-Services when the level of signifi-cant was one percent. Also, performance expectancy was positively related to user’s perceived satisfaction. The research finding could be used by university ICT departments to enhance the quality of e-services.
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