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Development and entrepreneurship in the economy of the Republic of Serbia

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Visoka poslovna škola strukovnih studija Prof. dr Radomir Bojković, Kruševac, 2018.
In recent years, the economic growth and, consequently, the competitiveness of the economy have become small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs. By creating new entrepreneurial shops or small businesses, a certain number of unemployed can be absorbed and an increase in the employment rate. At the same time, newly founded organizations create added value, increase demand for products of other companies, which contribute to the growth of gross domestic product and the improvement of national competitiveness. Their role is particularly significant in transition countries facing high unemployment, low level of economic activity, insufficient competitiveness and lack of investment, and where large inefficient state-owned enterprises are still present. Also, these business entities usually introduce a large number of innovations and contribute to increasing the dynamism of the economy and improving national competitiveness. Given that entrepreneurs employ a large number of workers, they have a significant share in the gross domestic product and lead to the improvement of national competitiveness, the problems of this work are also devoted to the situation and perspectives of the development of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in our country in order to encourage the development of the same.
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