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Evidence of daily life inside the EBA I defence system at Hacılar Büyük Höyük (Burdur–Turkey)

Additional Information
Association of Bulgarian Archaeologists, 2021.
Excavations at Hacılar Büyük Höyük, which is located 27 km to the southwest of Burdur, began in 2011 under my direction and are still in progress. The pre-planned, “sawtooth”-shaped defence system surrounds the settlement along the western slope like a necklace. The first of the two city gates designed to conform to the defence system is the Western Gate, and the other is the Southern Gate. Items found on the floors and in the courtyards of most of the 49 casemates uncovered so far include various kinds of pottery, baked clay, stone seals; idols made of baked clay, marble and other stone types; ‘pubis’ models (?) formed from pebbles; metal finds such as needles, bracelets, spatulas and daggers; bone pins and awls, handles shaped from deer antlers; chipped stone artefacts, grinding stones and tools. This indicates that the buildings that make up the defence system were also used as residences.
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