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Exploration and characterization of endangered West Sumatra local fruits

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MBI & UNS Solo, 2017.
Abstract. Putri NE, Kusumawati A, Azhar NO, Swasti E. 2017. Exploration and characterization of endangered West Sumatra local fruits. Pros Sem Nas Masy Biodiv Indon 3: 117-126. This research aimed to explore and characterize of local fruits in West Sumatera. The information of its characterization will be important for utilization of local fruits in plant breeding program. It was conducted on July – December 2015 in Padang, Pariaman, and Darmasraya District. It was done by survey method using purposive sampling. Identification and characterization had been done to entire or part of the plant including its fruit and seed (if available). The result of this exploration showed that local fruits nowadays found only in the garden of the societies even though it was mostly planted around their house (backyard). Based on the exploration, it had been obtained local fruits i.e Padang: jambu kaliang and sirukam; Pariaman: kapunduang; Darmasraya Regency: kasai, bidaro, santua, and cupak. Some of the local fruits showed a broad variability in some characters. Some seeds of local fruit had been planted in the nursery in order to ex –situ.
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