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Grateful Response.

  • Academic Journal
  • Walsh, David (AUTHOR)
  • Perspectives on Political Science. Oct -Dec 2021, Vol. 50 Issue 4, p240-246. 7p.
  • What made Tocqueville a profound theorist of liberty is that he began, not with its principle, but with its practice, in the reciprocity of a society where each person is its center. The case for a canonist and jurist origin of natural rights doctrines is only one such instance.[8] We may even be approaching the realization that it is not so much metaphysics that underpins the possibility of the person, as that the person is the pivot for metaphysics as such. Tocqueville's great insight is that it is a shift wrought by the practice of liberty itself, rather than the institutional mechanics of Rousseau or the revolutionary apocalypse of Marx. Thinking, Aristotle reminded us, is best done in the company of friends. [Extracted from the article]
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