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High entropy multicomponent WMoNbZrV alloy processed by mechanical alloying.

  • Academic Journal
  • Materials Letters. Dec2018, Vol. 232, p160-162. 3p.
  • Highlights • High entropy WMoNbZrV alloy was successfully synthesized by mechanical alloying. • Nanocrystalline single phase bcc solid solution was formed. • High thermal stability of nanostructure was confirmed. Abstract The aim of this work was to apply mechanical alloying technique for synthesis of high entropy multicomponent equimolar WMoNbZrV alloy and to investigate the phase composition after milling and after heat treatment, as well as to characterize the observed changes of crystallite size, lattice strain and lattice parameter of solid solution formed. It was found that nanocrystalline bcc solid solution was characterized by crystallite size of 10 nm, lattice strain of 0.58% and lattice parameter of 3.1687 Å. Heating the sample up to 700 °C resulted in decrease of lattice strain down to 0.20%, while the crystallite size remained not changed, testifying good thermal stability of nanocrystalline bcc solid solution obtained. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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