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Insight and competence to consent to psychiatric hospitalization.

  • Academic Journal
  • Melamed Y; Yehuda Abarbanel Mental Health Center, Bat Yam, Israel.
    Kimchi R
    Shnit D
    Moldavski M
    Elizur A
  • Medicine and law [Med Law] 1997; Vol. 16 (4), pp. 721-7.
  • English
  • Informed consent and insight are among the most important issues in medical treatment, especially for psychiatric patients. In this study, we examined the competence to consent to psychiatric hospitalization of 113 psychiatric patients who were voluntarily admitted to a mental hospital in various psychotic states and compared it with their insight. We found a significant correlation between the patients' competence and insight into their illnesses. There is a discussion of the problematic issues of informed consent, competence and psychosis and the importance of insight in the context of mental illness.
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Publisher: William S. Hein & Co., Inc Country of Publication: United States NLM ID: 8218185 Publication Model: Print Cited Medium: Print ISSN: 0723-1393 (Print) Linking ISSN: 07231393 NLM ISO Abbreviation: Med Law Subsets: MEDLINE
Publication: : [Getzville, NY : William S. Hein & Co., Inc.
Original Publication: Berlin ; New York : Springer International, c1982-
Indexing Agency: KIE Local ID #: 106797.
Keywords: Empirical Approach; Legal Approach; Mental Health Therapies; Professional Patient Relationship
Note: 24 refs. Note: KIE Bib: informed consent/mentally disabled; involuntary commitment/foreign countries
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