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Introduction to Financial Analysis

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Minneapolis, MN : Open Textbook Library,.
New York, New York : Open Touro, 2022.
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This Open Textbook is a dynamic guide incorporating the essential skills needed to build a foundation in Financial Analysis. Students and readers will learn how to insightfully read a Financial Statement, utilize key financial ratios in order to derive forward-looking investment-related inferences from the accounting data, engage in elementary forecasting and modeling, master the theory of the Time Value of Money, and learn to price stocks and bonds in an environment in which interest rates constantly change. Ample problems and solutions, and review questions are provided to the student so that s/he can gauge his/her progress. This text will be continually updated in order to provide novel information and enhance students’ experiences.
About the Author -- Author's Acknowledgements -- Open Touro Acknowledgements -- Preface -- Part I: Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis, and Forecasting -- Chapter 1: Introduction -- Chapter 2: Financial Statement Analysis: The Balance Sheet -- Chapter 3: Financial Statements Analysis: The Income Statement -- Chapter 4: Financial Statements and Finance -- Part II: Ratio Analysis and Forecasting Modeling -- Chapter 5: Financial Ratios and Forecasting; Liquidity and Solvency Ratios -- Chapter 6: Profitability and Return Ratios, and Turnover -- Chapter 7: Market Ratios -- Chapter 8: Cash Flow, Depreciation, and Financial Projections -- Chapter 9: Corporate Forecasting Models -- Part III: The Time Value of Money -- Chapter 10: The Time Value of Money: Simple Present- and Future-Values -- Chapter 11: The Time Value of Money: Annuities, Perpetuities, and Mortgages -- Part IV: Interest Rates, Valuation, and Return -- Chapter 12: Fixed Income Valuation -- Chapter 13: Interest Rates -- Chapter 14: Equity Valuation and Return Measurement
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