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Legal Aspects of Corporate Management and Finance

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Warner, Daniel, author
Siedel, George J., author
Lieberman, Jethro K., author
Minneapolis, MN : Open Textbook Library,.
Place of publication not identified : Saylor Foundation, 2012.
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Open textbook library.
Legal Aspects of Corporate Management and Finance is an up-to-date textbook that covers key legal issues relating to corporate management and finance. The text is organized to permit instructors to tailor the materials to their particular approach. The authors take special care to engage students by relating law to everyday events with their clear, concise and readable style. After introductory chapters covering the legal environment of business, Legal Aspects of Corporate Management and Finance provides students with context and essential legal concepts relating to contracts, agency law, partnerships, corporations, commercial paper, debtors and creditors. The text provides the vocabulary and legal savvy students will need to talk in an educated way to customers, suppliers, employees, creditors, shareholders, government regulators and other stakeholders — and to their own lawyers.
Chapter 1: Introduction to Law and Legal Systems -- Chapter 2: Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics -- Chapter 3: Courts and the Legal Process -- Chapter 4: Constitutional Law and US Commerce -- Chapter 5: Administrative Law -- Chapter 6: Criminal Law -- Chapter 7: Introduction to Tort Law -- Chapter 8: Contracts -- Chapter 9: Relationships between Principal and Agent -- Chapter 10: Liability of Principal and Agent; Termination of Agency -- Chapter 11: Partnerships: General Characteristics and Formation -- Chapter 12: Partnership Operation and Termination -- Chapter 13: Hybrid Business Forms -- Chapter 14: Corporation: General Characteristics and Formation -- Chapter 15: Legal Aspects of Corporate Finance -- Chapter 16: Corporate Powers and Management -- Chapter 17: Securities Regulation -- Chapter 18: Corporate Expansion, State and Federal Regulation of Foreign Corporations, and Corporate Dissolution -- Chapter 19: Nature and Form of Commercial Paper -- Chapter 20: Negotiation of Commercial Paper -- Chapter 21: Holder in Due Course and Defenses -- Chapter 22: Liability and Discharge -- Chapter 23: Legal Aspects of Banking -- Chapter 24: Consumer Credit Transactions -- Chapter 25: Secured Transactions and Suretyship -- Chapter 26: Mortgages and Nonconsensual Liens -- Chapter 27: Bankruptcy
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