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  • Academic Journal
  • Rahman, Rosfazila Binti Abd
    Lyndon, Novel Anak
    Awang, Abd Hair
    Abdullah, Azlina
  • e-BANGI Journal. 2016 Special Issue, Vol. 11, p1-13. 13p.
  • The main issue of this study is to understand the meaning of Islamic organizational culture according to the worldview of the employees of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB). The study was conducted using a qualitative approach, which involves in-depth interviews. A total of ten informants were among the group of five officers and five informants were interviewed in this study. Data was analyzed by filtering, exposing and making inferences and verification on data. The study found that there are five basic criteria in understanding the meaning of organizational culture according to the worldview of the BIMB workers; the philosophy, principles, operations, products and services. The study also found that factors such as the high integrity of the principles of sharia as an element Islamiah into aspects such as leadership management, employee development, offering Islamic banking products and customer service is the biggest contributor to consider Islamic organizations in BIMB. In conclusion, the study shows that the organizational culture of BIMB has fulfilled almost all the basic criteria of the organizational culture of Islam. By implication, there are some areas for improvement such as aspects relating to leadership, development of product and service innovation, setting the benchmark for the product consistently and become a pioneer in many things, delivery of services and the addition of branches that still need to be addressed for the sake of BIMB Islamic organizational culture in syariah banking. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
Additional Information
Meaning Of The Organization Of Islamic Culture: Study On Workers Of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (Bimb).