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Methods of Funding of Hospital-based and Primary Health Care in Greece. (English)

  • Academic Journal
  • Nosileftiki; Jan2009, Vol. 48 Issue 1, p37-49, 13p
  • Demographic, socio-economic and technological changes have increased both the needs of the citizens for health care services and the cost of such services. As a consequence, major issues have arisen, concerning the financial resources, their extent and allocation and the procedures by which these resources reach the final providers of health care, but also related to nation's health care policy in general. The financing techniques of the health care system are determinants of its viability and also of citizen satisfaction, because these techniques define the ways of organizing the health care system and its processes of funding and drawing on the available resources. All financing methods, whether public or private, prospective or retrospective, have developed simultaneously with the growth process of the health care system in every country, and vary according to the cultural, social and economic environment, and the local customs and behaviour. A variety of financing methods, such as the state budget (i.e., from taxation), social insurance systems, private insurance, out of pocket payment, per diem payment, fee for services and salary are all used in the Greek public health care sector. The advantages and disadvantages of each method are related to the volume, quality, price and total cost of the services offered. This review presents the financing processes of primary health care and of the hospitals in Greece, and the factors which affect these processes. Investigation is made of a new financing method, which aims to contribute to the improvement of the organization and administration of the Greek health care system and its efficiency through modification of the distributive policy and appropriate administration of the limited financial resources. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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