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Nine Years of Mobile Healthcare Research: A Bibliometric Analysis

Additional Information
International Association of Online Engineering (IAOE), 2021.
LCC:Computer applications to medicine. Medical informatics
Purpose: The purpose of the paper was to explore the central keyword searched (e.g., mobile healthcare). It also aimed at identifying the valuable contributions made by authors, journals, countries, and institutions and their associations in ‘mobile healthcare’ search around the world. Methodology: Data was extracted from 2012 to 2020 by using Scopus database and analysed through VOSviewer software and MS Excel. PRISMA guidelines were used to screen the records. Analysis: Co-authorship, Co-occurrence, Bibliographic Coupling and Co-citation analysis were executed to identify the links and collaborations among the authors, countries, author keywords and documents globally. Findings: Results showed that Yang X. had the highest association with other authors and Sood, S.K. had published more documents than others. Australia was found to have the highest association with other countries, and India was leading other countries in publications. Computers and Electrical Engineering was found to be the leading journal in publication of documents. Originality: This study, to best of our knowledge, was the first of its kind in mapping the ‘mobile healthcare’ search which was designed till 2020. This will aid in shaping and understanding the central theme and set the future research directions for the researchers.
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