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  • Academic Journal
  • e-BANGI Journal; 2017, Vol. 12 Issue 3, p1-11, 11p
  • Social mobility is a process of change or movement of a person or group from one position to another in a society and can occur between generations and also between intergenerational. The dimensions of education are seen as among the most prominent factors in promoting the social mobility of a particular community, especially towards the rural community. Hence, the main focus of this study is to examine the meaning of education from the world view of the Iban community and how this community's view of education becomes an agent of change in social and economic status. The idealist and epistemological interpretation of ontology has been used in this study. The data in this study were collected using in-depth interviews and nonparticipating observations. A purposeful sampling technique and snowball have been used in selecting informants in this study. The number of informants in this study was 20 and the number was determined based on data saturation. The validity and reliability of this research data were determined using a theme review approach with the community. The findings show that the meaning of education according to the rural Iban community in this study can be divided into five types such as economic meaning, social status or hierarchy, prestige, pride and survival. The findings also found that this community's view on education has helped them to escape from poverty and improve their social status in the social structure of the modern society. In conclusion, the views of the rural Iban community on education have helped create four key criteria in the formulation of layers of rural Iban ethnic communities namely wealth, power, honor and knowledge or education level. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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The Role of Education on Rural Iban Community Social Mobility in Spaoh, Sarawak: A Phenomenological Study. (English)
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