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Polls—Federal Government Power.

  • Academic Journal
  • Public Opinion Quarterly. Spring2019, Vol. 83 Issue 1, p135-158. 24p. 19 Charts.
  • The federal government's power has been an issue in American politics throughout the history of the United States. How the public views this issue is affected by the dimension of the government's power in question. On the general question of government power, a majority is wary of big government, and this percentage has been increasing in recent years. When the aspect of providing services is included, however, public opinion is more evenly divided, with slightly more people believing that the government should be providing more services than feeling that the government is already doing too much. On the personal dimension—that is, whether the federal government controls too much of daily life—a significant majority of Americans has consistently expressed a wariness of Washington. The public's views on the power of the federal government are complex, and this issue will continue to be at the center of divisions in American politics. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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