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Polymer binding/ultrafiltration as a method for concentration and separation of metals

  • Periodical
  • Journal of Membrane Science; May 1993, Vol. 79 Issue: 2-3 p253-272, 20p
  • A hybrid method for the separation and concentration of metals was investigated. The method includes binding of target metal ions by a polyelectrolyte into water soluble macromolecular compounds and subsequent membrane separation of the bound metals from unbound components. The influence of the compositions and pH of the solution on the effectiveness of the separation process was studied. A mathematical model of this process was developed. The competitive character of interaction of metals with a polymer, metal ion hydrolysis and other phenomena were taken into account in the model. Optimum process conditions were determined and applied to the solution of particular problems such as the recovery of valuable metals from sea water and treatment of industrial wastes.
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