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Popularność e-usług w czasie pandemii COVID-19 ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem platform udostępniających książki w wersji elektronicznej na podstawie statystyk Miejskiej i Powiatowej Biblioteki Publicznej im. C. K. Norwida w Goleniowie

Additional Information
Main Library of Pedagogical University of Cracow, 2022.
LCC:Bibliography. Library science. Information resources
The popularity of e-services in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic with emphasis on platforms providing books in electronic versions, according to the statistics of the C. K. Norwid Municipal and District Public Library in Goleniów Abstract: The article attemps to systematize what e-services are and introduces their division. Simultaneously, it points out the difficult situation of libraries and other cultural institutions in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the example of the C. K. Norwid Municipal and District Public Library, e-services implemented during the closure of libraries are presented.
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