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Promoting Students’ Generic Skills with the Integration of e-Service Learning Platform

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Kassel University Press, 2019.
LCC:Information technology
Related previous studies have recognized service learning ability to im-prove students’ generic skills during the service learning projects, however strategies for implementing and evaluating the effects of service learning on students’ generic skills in online environment remain limited. Therefore, this study conducted to identify what are the generic skills mentioned in students’ reflections, the differences when the responses compare to stu-dents’ performance in the course, and to analyze students’ perception to-wards the integration of e-Service Learning platform. A learning environ-ment was created using face-to-face with integration of online delivery of service learning. By the end of the course, thirty-five students were required to reflect upon their learning process while using the e-Service Learning platform. Results showed that the design of the learning environment was effective in promoting the development of these generic skills such as Global Citizen, Scholarship, Adaptability and Teamworking. The major contribution of this study is that generic skills can be promoted through the hybrid strategy of service learning that combine both face-to-face and online delivery. Academic success is strengthened both via the use of tech-nologies as well as through the implementation of experiential learning op-portunities such as service learning.
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