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Roe et al. v. Wade, district attorney of Dallas County.

  • Primary Source
  • Roe et al. v. Wade, District Attorney of Dallas County. 8/1/2017, p1. 43p.
  • The article presents the text of the court case Roe v. Wade, argued before the United States Supreme Court in December of 1971, that challenged laws making abortion a criminal offense. The article includes opening arguments from both sides, the decision of the Court, and the opinions of the judges. The class action lawsuit was brought by Jane Roe, a pregnant single woman, against the District Attorney of Dallas County, Texas. The lawsuit challenged Texas laws that made abortion a criminal offense when the mother's health was not threatened by the pregnancy. The lawsuit argued that making elective abortion a criminal offense violated a woman's Constitutional right to privacy. The Supreme Court decided that it is a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy, by abortion or other means, at any time and for any reason. The Court's decision includes a discussion of the historical, ethical, religious, and legal aspects of abortion and abortion legislation.
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