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Spatial (E)quality from a User Perspective.

  • Academic Journal
  • Sørensen Overby R; Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Studies in health technology and informatics [Stud Health Technol Inform] 2018; Vol. 256, pp. 743-751.
  • English
  • Universal Design (UD) has gained global significance and is in the process of being interpreted and institutionalised in the Nordic Region. Hence a broader understanding of the theoretical basis and practical architectural applicability of UD is advancing. This paper builds a framework for understanding two current notions of UD and accessibility in Denmark. Implications are that understandings and motivations of UD and accessibility from architects' and users' perspective are asymmetrical. In collaborative relationships, UD and accessibility are seen from an architectural design perspective and a human rights perspective respectively. This influences the dialogue and cooperation of the two parties. Reflecting the possibility to further a comprehensive understanding of spatial implication of UD, this paper aims to contribute with a clarification and a discussion of the two perspectives. Within the architectural field, Disabled People's Organisations Denmark (DPOD) is one of the key actors in user participatory processes related to UD and accessibility, and the organisations play an important role in a Danish discourse. Through observations and interviews with DPOD user representation and practicing architects, the paper sheds light on the central notions of UD and accessibility - a spatial quality perception and a spatial equality perception. Along with qualitative research conducted at the Danish Building Research Institute, the on-going PhD research project "Generating Inclusive Built Environments through User Driven Dialogue in the Architectural Design Process" frames current thinking and discusses the process of advancing the dialogue, in direction of furthering both Spatial Quality and Spatial Equality.
Additional Information
Publisher: IOS Press Country of Publication: Netherlands NLM ID: 9214582 Publication Model: Print Cited Medium: Internet ISSN: 1879-8365 (Electronic) Linking ISSN: 09269630 NLM ISO Abbreviation: Stud Health Technol Inform
Original Publication: Amsterdam ; Washington, DC : IOS Press, 1991-
Keywords: Architecture; Design Process; Universal Design; Values
Date Created: 20181030 Date Completed: 20190828 Latest Revision: 20190828