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The Effect of VAT e-Service Quality on Taxpayers’ Satisfaction in Iran

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University of Tehran, 2017.
The design of e-government websites with improper service quality is one of the common problems in the contemporary era. Users’ perceptions of e-service quality are affected by their perceived service content and delivery quality. In this study, based on the model of e-government service quality, first we identify the factors of service content and delivery related to Value Added Tax (VAT) system in Iran. Then, we develop a conceptual model that depicts the influence of these factors on service quality and users’ satisfaction. Data gathering is performed through electronic questionnaire and the case study of taxpayers using VAT services. The results show that transactional performance and accessibility respectively, have the greatest impact on quality of service content and delivery. In addition, the users’ positive perceptions of service content and delivery quality influence their positive perceptions of overall service quality. This study offers the design of a user-centric governmental website with effective service quality to improve users’ satisfaction and also to encourage the adoption and continuance use of these services.
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