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The importance of e-service quality in the livestreaming music concert business

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Taylor & Francis Group, 2022.
The live music concert business was one of the economic sectors most affected by mandatory quarantine and social restrictions due to COVID-19. The quarantine forced this industry to reinvent itself through digital communication, to be able to continue offering this type of shows, but in a completely virtual way. Taking this into account, this research analyses the adaptation of the live music concert business through e-service quality management in digital communication, and how the consumer of this type of shows responded to this new commercial strategy. Through the PLS a sample of 294 consumers was processed in the city of Bogota, (Colombia), who, once the mandatory quarantine ended, attended some kind of live music concert, but completely in a virtual way. The results allow us to show the positive relationships between study variables, thus demonstrating the emergence of a digital consumer in this sector.
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