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The Manila Declaration on the Drug Problem in the Philippines.

  • Academic Journal
  • Simbulan N; University of the Philippines, PH.
    Estacio L; University of the Philippines, PH.
    Dioquino-Maligaso C; University of the Philippines, PH.
    Herbosa T; University of the Philippines, PH.
    Withers M; University of Southern California, US.
  • Annals of global health [Ann Glob Health] 2019 Mar 05; Vol. 85 (1). Date of Electronic Publication: 2019 Mar 05.
  • English
  • When Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte assumed office in 2016, his government launched an unprecedented¬†campaign against illegal drugs. The drug problem in the Philippines has primarily been viewed as an issue of law enforcement and criminality, and the government has focused on implementing a policy of criminalization and punishment. The escalation of human rights violations has caught the attention of groups in the Philippines as well as the international community. The Global Health Program of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), a non-profit network of 50 universities in the Pacific Rim, held its 2017 annual conference in Manila. A special half-day workshop was held on illicit drug abuse in the Philippines which convened 167 participants from 10 economies and 21 disciplines. The goal of the workshop was to collaboratively develop a policy statement describing the best way to address the drug problem in the Philippines, taking into consideration a public health and human rights approach to the issue. The policy statement is presented here.
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