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Twelve tips for doing effective Team-Based Learning (TBL).

  • Academic Journal
  • Parmelee DX; Academic Affairs, Boonshoft School of Medicine, Wright State University, Dayton, OH 45401-0927, USA.
    Michaelsen LK
  • Medical teacher [Med Teach] 2010; Vol. 32 (2), pp. 118-22.
  • English
  • Team-based learning (TBL) in medical education has emerged over the past few years as an instructional strategy to enhance active learning and critical thinking - even in large, basic science courses. Although TBL consistently improves academic outcomes by shifting the instructional focus from knowledge transmission to knowledge application, it also addresses several professional competencies that cannot be achieved or evaluated through lecture-based instruction. These 12 tips provide the reader with a set of specific recommendations which, if followed, will ensure the successful design and implementation of TBL for a unit of study.
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Publisher: Informa Healthcare Country of Publication: England NLM ID: 7909593 Publication Model: Print Cited Medium: Internet ISSN: 1466-187X (Electronic) Linking ISSN: 0142159X NLM ISO Abbreviation: Med Teach Subsets: MEDLINE
Publication: London : Informa Healthcare
Original Publication: London, Update Publications.
Date Created: 20100219 Date Completed: 20100507 Latest Revision: 20220409