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Upgrading the Land Administration System of the Philippines through ICT: A Review of the Land Titling Computerization Program

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Danube-University Krems, 2019.
LCC:Political science (General)
An effective and efficient land administration system is vital in pursuing national and local development as it ensures security of land tenure, enables citizens to utilize their land, and fosters a peaceful and stable environment. In the Philippines, the Land Registration Authority (LRA) demonstrated its commitment to adopt e-government by launching the Land Titling Computerization Project (LTCP) in 2008. Despite this major stride, the viability of the LTCP was put to the test due to a couple of challenges. Thus, this research attempts to describe the opportunities and challenges faced by the LTCP. It uses a descriptive-exploratory method as it identifies the depth of e-government development in the Philippines with a specific focus on the LTCP. The study finds that the LTCP is currently in the enhanced information services (stage 2) level based on the UN Online Service Index and basic gaps must be addressed via necessary improvements.
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