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Using In-Service and Coaching to Increase Teachers’ Accurate Use of Research-Based Strategies.

  • Academic Journal
  • Remedial & Special Education. Nov2012, Vol. 33 Issue 6, p348-361. 14p.
  • Increasing the accurate use of research-based practices in classrooms is a critical issue. Professional development is one of the most practical ways to provide practicing teachers with training related to research-based practices. This study examined the effects of in-service plus follow-up coaching on first grade teachers’ accurate delivery of three research-based strategies during math instruction. Teachers were trained to use a combination of whole-class instruction strategies, including model-lead-test for introducing new concepts and correcting errors, choral responding, and response cards. Results indicated that all teachers improved their delivery of the strategies after the in-service, with a second level of growth achieved after coaching. Improvements also generalized to untrained math sessions. Teachers reported very high levels of satisfaction with the training model. [ABSTRACT FROM PUBLISHER]
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