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Financial empowerment : personal finance for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people

Publication Type: Book


Abstract: "Financial Empowerment is designed for a single-semester introduction to financial planning and decision-making, in order to provide first and second-year business students with the necessary financial literacy and skills needed to make sound financial...

Digital Finance in Europe: Law, Regulation, and Governance

Publication Type: eBook


Abstract: This special volume collects contributions from leading scholars who scrutinize the challenges digital finance presents for the EU internal market and financial market regulation from multiple public policy perspectives. Author contributions aim to pro...

Data Science for Economics and Finance

Finance in Africa

Publication Type: eBook

Abstract: Banks in Africa are weathering the COVID-19 pandemic well and showing a lot of creativity to overcome the crisis’s problems. But the war in Ukraine is causing new concerns. With interest rates rising in many countries and bond funding becoming more exp...

Faith, Finance, and Economy

Publication Type: eBook


Abstract: This open access book seeks to foster a multidisciplinary understanding of the ties between faith, financial intermediation, and economic progress by drawing on research across economics, finance, history, philosophy, ethics, theology, public policy, l...


Climate Adaptation Finance and Investment in California

Publication Type: eBook


Abstract: This book serves as a guide for local governments and private enterprises as they navigate the unchartered waters of investing in climate change adaptation and resilience. This book serves not only as a resource guide for identifying potential funding ...