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Evaluation of the utilization rate of e-services provided by the local administration in Lubelskie Voivodeship

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Computer Sciences Institute, Vol 5 (2017)

Abstract: Local Administration Entities of Lubelskie Voivodeship have access to systems and tools allowing for creating, implementing and providing access to e-services. Thus, they should make these services available to citizens and entrepreneurs, update them o...

Value Orientations and Institutional Trust as Contributors to the Adoption of Online Services in Youth: A Cross-Country Comparison

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Frontiers in Psychology, Vol 13 (2022)

Abstract: Internet usage data from around the globe show that adolescents are the most frequent Internet users, but mostly for leisure activities and maintaining social contacts. In the present study, we focused on Internet use for e-services, which could improv...

A New Model for Enhancing Student Portal Usage in Saudi Arabia Universities

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research, Vol 11, Iss 3 (2021)

Abstract: Portals are gateways that provide users with the information they need from different sources and display it on a single page. It is important to see that universities utilize the resources and services provided by their student portals. With the rapid...

Exploring the Social Trend Indications of Utilizing E-Commerce during and after COVID-19’s Hit

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Behavioral Sciences, Vol 13, Iss 5, p 5 (2022)

Abstract: COVID-19 is a major global crisis affecter, changing global norms and societal behavioral models. Many companies have faced existential crises, but on the other hand, businesses that were and are helping others to boost digitalization, ICT and software...

Analisa Dan Perancangan E-Service Portal Untuk Calon Mahasiswa Baru Pada Binus University

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): ComTech, Vol 1, Iss 2, Pp 813-823 (2010)

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyze and design the application of e-service portal to help Marketing BINUS university to improve the speed and ease of service for Prospect students with the integration of transaction and information services requir...

Availability and utilisation of information and communication technologies for service delivery: a South African case study

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science, Vol 77, Iss 2 (2011)

Abstract: This study is based on a Master’s thesis that investigated whether the availability of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in government offices within the boundaries of uMhlatuze Municipality improved their ability to deliver effective e...

Optimalisasi Media Online untuk Mendukung Kinerja Layanan Perpustakaan Fakultas Biologi Universitas Gadjah Mada di Era Covid-19

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Jurnal Pustaka Ilmiah, Vol 7, Iss 2, Pp 104-114 (2021)

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all aspects of life, from social behavior, economy, health and education. Libraries, which are institutions that support higher education, have also experienced the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Limitations in face-...

Factors affecting the citizen to use e-report application in Gunungkidul Regency

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Smart Cities and Regional Development Journal, Vol 4, Iss 2 (2020)

Abstract: To realize Jogja Cyber Province, regencies/cities in the Special Region of Yogyakarta have begun to formulate action plans to achieve Smart Regency and Smartcity. Gunungkidul Regency is one of the districts in the Province of Special Region of Yogyakar...

Virtual banking and online business

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Banks and Bank Systems, Vol 12, Iss 1, Pp 75-81 (2017)

Abstract: Banks play a crucial role in promoting online businesses. Even though e-shoppers have the option of cash-on-delivery, which seems to be secure and trustworthy, still there is an urge for the e-payment schemes, which can only be provided through banks. ...


The Implementationof Reference Services on the Library of State Universities in Surabaya

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Record and Library Journal, Vol 1, Iss 2, Pp 193-200 (2018)

Abstract: Reference servicein the library is a service directly to relatethe reader. Reference service aims to help users to refer the source of the information sought for the benefit of study and research. The study,prepared by the method of quantitative descri...