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New Orders to an Old Soldier: Optimizing NK Cells for Adoptive Immunotherapy in Hematology.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Biomedicines [Biomedicines] 2021 Sep 11; Vol. 9 (9). Date of Electronic Publication: 2021 Sep 11.

Abstract:NK (Natural Killer) cell-mediated adoptive immunotherapy has gained attention in hematology due to the progressing knowledge of NK cell receptor structure, biology and function. Today, challenges related to NK cell expansion and persistence in vivo as ...

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Gain-Scanning for Protein Microarray Assays.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Journal of proteome research [J Proteome Res] 2020 Jul 02; Vol. 19 (7), pp. 2664-2675. Date of Electronic Publication: 2020 Jan 23.

Abstract:Protein microarrays consist of known proteins spotted onto solid substrates and are used to perform highly multivariate assessments of protein-binding interactions. Human protein arrays are routinely applied to pathogen detection, immune response bioma...

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HIV-1 Coreceptor Usage and Variable Loop Contact Impact V3 Loop Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Susceptibility.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Journal of virology [J Virol] 2020 Jan 06; Vol. 94 (2). Date of Electronic Publication: 2020 Jan 06 (Print Publication: 2020).

Abstract:In clinical trials, HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) effectively lower plasma viremia and delay virus reemergence. The presence of less neutralization-susceptible strains prior to treatment decreases the efficacy of these antibody-based tr...

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