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Realism in Political Theory.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Perspectives on Political Science; Jan-Mar2021, Vol. 50 Issue 1, p24-31, 8p

Abstract:Copyright of Perspectives on Political Science is the property of Taylor & Francis Ltd and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder's express written permission. However, users may ...

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Publication Type:Periodical

Source(s):First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion & Public Life; Jan2019, Issue 289, p19-26, 8p

Abstract:The article argues on the concept of liberalism and conservative democracy. Topics discussed include the fundamental axioms on the foundation of the liberal system, the principles that characterize the Anglo-American conservative tradition including hi...

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Antisocial Texts.

Publication Type:Periodical

Source(s):New Republic; 04/17/2000-04/24/2000, Vol. 222 Issue 16/17, p46-55, 8p, 1 Color Photograph

Abstract:Charges that the revised curriculum of Israel textbooks is as ideological as the original Zionist texts. Inclusion of poems by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish in high school literature curriculum announced by Education Minister Yossi Sarid; Descriptio...

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Mordecai's Challenge: An Essay on War, Leadership, and Purim.

Publication Type:Periodical

Source(s):Commentary. Mar2016, Vol. 141 Issue 3, p28-38. 11p.

Abstract:An essay is presented discussing war, leadership, and Purim, the Jewish holiday commemorating the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, who attempted to exterminate every Jew in the Persian Empire. It discusses the book of Esther, the young Jewish qu...

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Publication Type:Periodical

Source(s):First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion & Public Life. Mar2016, Issue 261, p23-28. 6p.

Abstract:An essay adapted from God and Politics in Esther is presented on how God's purposes are realized in human initiative. The author refers to the Bible that offers an answer in the story of Esther, Mordechai's orphaned cousin, who was raised by him since ...

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On Duties to Fathers and Mothers: Coronavirus and the Fifth Commandment.

Publication Type:Periodical

Source(s):American Conservative. May/Jun2020, Vol. 19 Issue 3, p6-7. 2p.

Abstract:In article the author talks about duties of children and youth towards fathers, mothers and elders and the fifth commandment. Topics include the risk of coronavirus disease to older people and treatment of patients according to the relative value scale...

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Publication Type:Periodical

Source(s):First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion & Public Life; Oct2012, Issue 226, p41-46, 6p

Abstract:The article claims that the Hebrew Bible offers a political philosophy of limited government through its account of the history of ancient Israel. Topics include portrayals of anarchy and monarchy, the representation of God in relation to the state, an...

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