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The psychological concept of social sustainability in the workplace from the perspective of sustainable goals: A systematic review.

Source(s): Frontiers in psychology [Front Psychol] 2022 Aug 15; Vol. 13, pp. 942204. Date of Electronic Publication: 2022 Aug 15 (Print Publication: 2022).

Abstract: Unlike environmental sustainability, social sustainability in the workplace is a relatively new concept that is still searching for its own definition and explanation. Therefore, in this paper, we systematically reviewed and critically evaluated recent...

Personality traits in miners with past occupational elemental mercury exposure.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Environmental health perspectives [Environ Health Perspect] 2006 Feb; Vol. 114 (2), pp. 290-6.

Abstract: In this study, we evaluated the impact of long-term occupational exposure to elemental mercury vapor (Hg0) on the personality traits of ex-mercury miners. Study groups included 53 ex-miners previously exposed to Hg0 and 53 age-matched controls. Miners ...