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The complete genome sequence of Staphylothermus marinus reveals differences in sulfur metabolism among heterotrophic Crenarchaeota.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): BMC genomics [BMC Genomics] 2009 Apr 02; Vol. 10, pp. 145. Date of Electronic Publication: 2009 Apr 02.

Abstract: Background: Staphylothermus marinus is an anaerobic, sulfur-reducing peptide fermenter of the archaeal phylum Crenarchaeota. It is the third heterotrophic, obligate sulfur reducing crenarchaeote to be sequenced and provides an opportunity for comparati...

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Genome sequence of Thermofilum pendens reveals an exceptional loss of biosynthetic pathways without genome reduction.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of bacteriology [J Bacteriol] 2008 Apr; Vol. 190 (8), pp. 2957-65. Date of Electronic Publication: 2008 Feb 08.

Abstract: We report the complete genome of Thermofilum pendens, a deeply branching, hyperthermophilic member of the order Thermoproteales in the archaeal kingdom Crenarchaeota. T. pendens is a sulfur-dependent, anaerobic heterotroph isolated from a solfatara in ...

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