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Multi-level Governance : Conceptual Challenges and Case Studies From Australia

Multi-level Governance : Conceptual Challenges and Case Studies From Australia

Publication Type:eBook

Abstract:Important policy problems rarely fit neatly within existing territorial boundaries. More difficult still, individual governments or government departments rarely enjoy the power, resources and governance structures required to respond effectively to po...

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Protein phosphatase 2A inhibition enhances radiation sensitivity and reduces tumor growth in chordoma.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Neuro-oncology [Neuro Oncol] 2018 May 18; Vol. 20 (6), pp. 799-809.

Abstract:Background: Standard therapy for chordoma consists of surgical resection followed by high-dose irradiation. Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) is a ubiquitously expressed serine/threonine phosphatase involved in signal transduction, cell cycle progression, ...

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Evolution of Renal Cysts to Anaplastic Sarcoma of Kidney in a Child With DICER1 Syndrome.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Pediatric blood & cancer [Pediatr Blood Cancer] 2016 Jul; Vol. 63 (7), pp. 1272-5. Date of Electronic Publication: 2016 Feb 29.

Abstract:Anaplastic sarcoma of kidney (ASK) is a rare neoplasm recently associated with DICER1 mutations. We report a child with germline DICER1 mutation who developed ASK in preexisting septated renal cysts, which were likely cystic nephroma. From age 2.5 to 6...

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Efficacy of HIV/STI behavioral interventions for heterosexual African American men in the United States: a meta-analysis.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):AIDS and behavior [AIDS Behav] 2012 Jul; Vol. 16 (5), pp. 1092-114.

Abstract:This meta-analysis estimates the overall efficacy of HIV prevention interventions to reduce HIV sexual risk behaviors and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among heterosexual African American men. A comprehensive search of the literature published...

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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Autophagy [Autophagy] 2012 Apr; Vol. 8 (4), pp. 445-544.

Abstract:In 2008 we published the first set of guidelines for standardizing research in autophagy. Since then, research on this topic has continued to accelerate, and many new scientists have entered the field. Our knowledge base and relevant new technologies h...

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