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Objective comparison of numerical spin study with aircraft model free-flight spin tests

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering; February 2023, Vol. 237 Issue: 2 p419-432, 14p

Abstract: This paper reports on the results of a research project that investigated the spin and recovery characteristics of a multirole fighter aircraft. In the first phase, numerical/computational methods were used to predict full scale aircraft spin and recov...

Surface moderation and composite fabrication of die-cast magnesium alloys via friction stir processing: a review

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies; October 2022, Vol. 8 Issue: 4 p3635-3655, 21p

Abstract: ABSTRACTThe low density of Mg alloys (~ 1.8 g/cm3) along with high strength, high elastic modulus and good capability to resist impact load than aluminum alloys make them a suitable candidate for aerospace, automotive and nuclear industries. The statis...

Baricitinib in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 (RECOVERY): a randomised, controlled, open-label, platform trial and updated meta-analysis

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): The Lancet; July-August 2022, Vol. 400 Issue: 10349 p359-368, 10p

Abstract: We aimed to evaluate the use of baricitinib, a Janus kinase (JAK) 1–2 inhibitor, for the treatment of patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19.

Modeling and Prediction of Grain Size and Hardness of ZE41/ZrO2Nano-surface Composite Using Multiple Regression, Power Law and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals; August 2022, Vol. 75 Issue: 8 p2051-2059, 9p

Abstract: In this work, nano-ZrO2particles were incorporated in cast rare earth ZE41 magnesium alloy by friction stir processing (FSP) and a surface composite layer of ZE41/ZrO2was fabricated. The relationship of FSP parameters with the grain size and hardness w...

Efficacy, durability, and safety of intravitreal faricimab with extended dosing up to every 16 weeks in patients with diabetic macular oedema (YOSEMITE and RHINE): two randomised, double-masked, phase 3 trials

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): The Lancet; February 2022, Vol. 399 Issue: 10326 p741-755, 15p

Abstract: To reduce treatment burden and optimise patient outcomes in diabetic macular oedema, we present 1-year results from two phase 3 trials of faricimab, a novel angiopoietin-2 and vascular endothelial growth factor-A bispecific antibody.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome-current pharmacotherapy and clinical implications

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology; January 2022, Vol. 61 Issue: 1 p40-50, 11p

Abstract: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the most common endocrinopathy in women is characterized by polycystic ovaries, chronic anovulation and hyperandrogenism. The treatment in PCOS is mainly symptomatic and involves lifestyle interventions and medications...

Convalescent plasma in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 (RECOVERY): a randomised controlled, open-label, platform trial

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): The Lancet; May-June 2021, Vol. 397 Issue: 10289 p2049-2059, 11p

Abstract: Many patients with COVID-19 have been treated with plasma containing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. We aimed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of convalescent plasma therapy in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19.

Morphologically Tunable Fabrication of Hematite Nanostructures for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Performance

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology; February 2023, Vol. 12 Issue: 2 p021002-021002, 1p

Abstract: Herein, a photoelectrochemical investigation of photoanodes based on hematite nanorods and nanospheres fabricated via hydrothermal technique is reported. The fabricated nanostructures have been thoroughly analyzed and characterized using field emission...

Browser simulation-based crawler for online social network profile extraction

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): International Journal of Web Based Communities; 2020, Vol. 16 Issue: 4 p321-342, 22p

Abstract: The rapid proliferation and extensive use of online social networks (OSNs) like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., has attracted the attention of academia and industry, since these networks store massive information in them. But, acquiring data from t...