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Causal inference and American political development: common challenges and opportunities.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Public Choice. Dec2020, Vol. 185 Issue 3/4, p501-511. 11p.


Abstract: The causal inference (CI) movement has forced political scientists to think far more seriously about what can be learned from a particular research design and to be more attentive to making design choices that allow for credible causal inferences. At t...


Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy. Winter2021, Vol. 44 Issue 1, p17-28. 12p.

Abstract: The article discusses the role of norms in the U.S. constitutional order. It mentions that Constitution vests a great deal of discretion in government officials of all sorts, and that norms are part of the process. It also mentions that norms are of gr...

Do the Affluent Override Average Americans? Measuring Policy Disagreement and Unequal Influence.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Social Science Quarterly (Wiley-Blackwell). May2020, Vol. 101 Issue 3, p1018-1037. 20p. 8 Graphs.


Abstract: Objective: In this article, I seek to adjudicate between contradictory findings in studies of unequal responsiveness that focus on policy issues over which affluent and average Americans disagree. Methods: I assess the impact of 22 definitions of polic...

Marxism in Our Time.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Science & Society. Apr2019, Vol. 83 Issue 2, p150-154. 5p.


Abstract: The author reports on the political–electoral participation. Topics discussed include the Democracy in Europe 2025 movement (DiEM25) are deeply into the struggle to build real alternatives on that continent; the midterm elections of 2018 and the presid...

Polarisation explorers.

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): Economist. 10/9/2021, Vol. 441 Issue 9266, p26-28. 2p.

Abstract: The article reports on the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association "Promoting Pluralism" that was held in Seattle. It mentions about the rising levels of affective polarisation, and like experts on the use of nuclear weapons during...

The Big Shift.

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): Foreign Affairs. May/Jun2018, Vol. 97 Issue 3, p10-19. 10p. 1 Black and White Photograph.

Abstract: The article examines the development of U.S. democracy in the 35 year period following the Civil War. It looks at how the failures of the Reconstruction that led to economic depressions were not adequately addressed by the government. The author goes o...

The end of American hegemony.

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): Economist. 2022 Special Edition - The World Ahead 2022, p40-40. 1p.

Abstract: The article informs on the status of American hegemony. It mentions the country will remain a great power for many years, but just how influential it will be depends on its ability to fix its internal problems, rather than its foreign policy. and the m...

Brexit Looms Over European Elections in U.K.

Publication Type: Periodical

Source(s): U.S. News - The Civic Report. 5/24/2019, pC10-C12. 3p. 1 Color Photograph.


Abstract: The article reports that British voters, including those who want to leave the European Union, appear likely to punish Conservative Party candidates in the European Union (EU) elections. It also mentions views of Paul Webb, a professor of politics, on ...

Designing Historical Social Scientific Inquiry: How Parameter Heterogeneity Can Bridge the Methodological Divide between Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): American Journal of Political Science (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.). Apr2014, Vol. 58 Issue 2, p526-546. 21p. 1 Black and White Photograph, 3 Charts, 2 Graphs.

Abstract: Seeking to advance historical studies of political institutions and behavior, we argue for an expansion of the standard methodological toolkit with a set of innovative approaches that privilege parameter heterogeneity to capture nuances missed by more ...

Policy Regime Perspectives: Policies, Politics, and Governing.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Policy Studies Journal. Aug2013, Vol. 41 Issue 3, p426-452. 27p. 1 Chart.

Abstract: We call on policy scholars to take seriously the role of policies as governing instruments and to consider more fully the factors that shape their political impacts. We suggest that the lens provided by regime perspectives is a useful way for advancing...